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One way in which SR Holguin, PC ensures our clients and their members stay informed is by keeping you updated on recent developments relating to workers’ rights. Today’s updates come following the release of the September 15, 2021 Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meeting agenda. There is one item in particular that could impact you.

1. Workers Who Could Be Impacted: Hospitality Workers Throughout LA County

The County’s Chief Executive Officer sent a letter to the Board of Supervisors entitled “Approval of Board Policy For Labor Peace Agreements (All Districts) (3 Votes)” dated September 15, 2021.”

The Letter provides in part, “[t]he County has a proprietary and financial interest in County-owned and operated properties that generate revenue for the County. Therefore, it is in the interest of the County that these operations are not interrupted due to labor-management matters, and consequently, do not negatively impact County revenue. A Labor Peace Agreement is a written agreement between an employer and a labor organization that contains a provision prohibiting a labor organization and its members from engaging in any picketing, work stoppage, boycott, or other economic interference with operations. Requiring that lessees, licensees, concessionaires, or any other entity conducting hospitality operations at County-owned or operated properties, whether such entity contracts directly with the County or the County’s lessee, licensee, or concessionaire, enter into Labor Peace Agreements with labor organizations representing employees in the hospitality industry ensures that labor organizations and their members do not engage in operational interferences that can adversely impact hospitality operations and the County’s financial position.”

Therefore, the Letter recommends the Board of Supervisors “approve a new…Policy establishing Labor Peace Agreements as a requirement for new, amended, or renewals of leases, licenses, or concession agreements with hospitality operators at Los Angeles County-owned…or operated properties for the duration of these agreements. This policy also applies to subleases, sublicenses, assignments, or transfers.”

Now, agenda item 31 of the September 15, 2021 Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meeting calls for the Board to consider the Letter.

We hope these updates are helpful to you.


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