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One way in which SR Holguin, PC ensures our clients and their members stay informed is by keeping you updated on recent developments relating to workers’ rights. Today’s updates come following the release of the September 8, 2020 Los Angeles City Council meeting agenda and supplemental agenda. There is one item in particular that could impact you.

Workers Who Could Be Impacted: Food Delivery Platform Workers in Los Angeles County

Supplemental Agenda Item Number 70-A: “Protecting Food Delivery Workers and Consumers.”

As discussed in a prior post on this site, “[o]n July 21, 2020, the Board of Supervisors approved a motion to consider requiring Food Delivery Network Companies and their drivers to obtain an American National Standard Institute (ANSI) accredited food handler certification to operate in Los Angeles County.”

At the September 15, 2020 LA County Board of Supervisors meeting, a Motion will be introduced by Chair Pro Tem Hilda Solis (1st District) and Supervisor Sheila Kuehl (3rd District). The Motion cites to the July 21, 2020 Motion but then goes on to state “[h]owever, through stakeholder engagement and analysis, other potential solutions have been presented to provide health and safety education more specific to delivery drivers that will help protect both the workers and consumers. In particular, the University of California Berkeley Food Labor Research Center is developing an alternative food safety training model that is specific to food delivery drivers – while also highlighting worker’s rights, public health, LA County Laws & Ordinances, and undocumented worker protections.”

Therefore, the September 15, 2020 Motion would require “relevant [LA County] Departments, and the University of California Berkeley Food Labor Center to evaluate options to develop a standard Food Safety Training Program or other alternative training options that will effectively protect consumers and workers, as well as options to mandate that food delivery platforms operating in the County require delivery employees and independent contractors to take the standard training or other effective alternative trainings, and report to the Board in writing in 60 days. This will be in lieu of the July 21, 2020 motion.”

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