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One way in which SR Holguin, PC ensures our clients and their members stay informed is by keeping you updated on recent developments relating to workers’ rights. Today’s updates come following the release of the August 31, 2021 Los Angeles City Council meeting agenda. There is one item in particular that could impact you.

Workers Who Could be Impacted: CommonSpirit/Dignity Health Security Officers

On August 6, 2021, a Resolution was introduced by Councilmembers Kevin de León (14th District), Curren Price (9th District), Bob Blumenfield (3rd District), Mitch O’Farrell (13th District), and Paul Koretz (5th District), and seconded by Councilmember Monica Rodriguez (7th District).

The Resolution provided in part, “Security Officers at CommonSpirit/Dignity Health are frontline protectors of its patients, workers, and the general public at the company’s facilities…CommonSpirit/Dignity Health Security Officers are far more vulnerable than their union coworkers due to more costly healthcare coverage that threaten working families and place undue burdens on the communities where they live…in response to these issues, the vast majority of Security Officers across Dignity Health have submitted union authorization cards to join SEIU-UHW…an employer may voluntarily recognize a bargaining unit comprised of both guards and nonguards and these mixed guard units are not certified under the purview of the [National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)].”

Therefore, the Resolution states, “the Los Angeles City Council supports the right of Security Officers at CommonSpirit/Dignity Health to form their union in SEIU-UHW or, at the very least, allow these Security Officers to hold a free and fair election so they can vote to form their union in SEIU-UHW.”

On August 18, 2021, the City Council’s Rules, Elections, and Intergovernmental Relations Committee considered the Resolution. The Committee’s Report provided in part, “[a]fter providing an opportunity for public comment, the Committee moved to approve the recommendation reflected above. This matter is now forwarded to the Council for its consideration.”

Now, agenda item 22 of the August 31, 2021 Los Angeles City Council meeting calls for the Council to consider the Resolution. 

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